A Sherlockian 
Visits the U.K.

by Elaine Yao Khan

Part One:
 "I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere"

I didn't bring umbrella.
My hat helped me
but I was wet.
Baker Street is a very busy street.
The tour guide told us that it was the same
noisy street at Sherlock Holmes' time
because of the cobblestone roads
and the wooden wheeled carts.

Cobblestone road

Baker Street Station

Baker Street Station--tube in London: 
Many small silhouettes form a big one

The Mews is like the real
Sherlock Holmes style house.

There are several spots to be considered
as Sherlock Holmes' living spaces.
This is one of them.

Sherlock Holmes Hotel
is also considered as a possible 221B.
The arch door is just the Victorian style.
It's an expensive hotel
and there is decoration
of Victorian style in the rooms.

2nd floor,
another possible Sherlock Holmes
original living spot

Sherlock House

Sherlock's Bar & Grill

Sherlock Holmes pub and restaurant

The restaurant's menu

I ordered "Shepherd's pie." It was OK.
The waitress was not very friendly
and the restaurant was not very busy

 on that Saturday lunchtime.

Pub's collection

A caricature of Sherlock Holmes
Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke
as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Some of the collection in this restaurant
used to belong to the Conan Doyle family.

I tried twice to take Holmes' picture,
but "he" wouldn't let me have a clear one
with the light.
Holmes collectibles

The Hound!


The biggest fictional statue in the U.K.

This is the outside of
Sherlock Holmes Museum.
The Victorian police guard the door.

The Beatles store just next to the
Sherlock museum!

This is our tour guide.


  1. Very nice,Elaine. Looks like you made the most of your time in London.