UW-Whitewater Presents "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes will be presented by the Aquila Theatre company at UW-Whitewater on October 21.

For more ticket and time details, follow the hyperlink above. For details about the company, go to http://www.aquilatheatre.com/the-adventures-of-sherlock-holmes. There are some great pictures from the production on their website.

"The legendary sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, takes the stage in this witty, fast paced production by the acclaimed Aquila Theatre. The clever Holmes skillfully maneuvers the twisted web of London's most intriguing cases with his split second deductions revealing the most intimate details of a person's life. Sherlock is a master of disguise and a brilliant actor, as well as a composer and musician - is there anything Sherlock Holmes can't do? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's vivid characters jump from the page weaving a tale of suspense and intrigue. In addition to Holmes, many of Doyle's other well known creations are on hand such as; the trusted sidekick Dr. Watson and Irene Adler, the woman who got away, and the only woman to have won Sherlock's respect. Doyle, in addition to being an author, was also a physician. He infused Holmes with terrific skills in forensic science and logical reasoning. One hundred and twenty five years after his debut, Sherlock Holmes remains the definitive and most famous detective in world literature. The Aquila Theatre brings its energetic physical style to this new adaptation for the theater. With actors drawn from the top British and American stages, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a thrilling and memorable ride."

Of course, there is at least one member of the Original Tree Worshippers who would disagree with this assessment of Irene Adler as "the only woman to have won Sherlock's respect," a particularly odd statement in a play that also features Violet Hunter. For more on Adler, see: Not the Only Woman: The Point of Irene Adler.

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